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What support is available to pupils with SEN?

Schools and colleges have money in their budgets which should be used to provide SEN support to meet the special educational needs of the majority of their pupils. At this stage they can access a range of services from both inside and outside the school or college to help identify and meet the needs of their pupils, including:

  • The Educational Psychology Service
  • Specialist teachers for autism, behaviour and speech and language difficulties.
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • The Child and Family Early Intervention Team (CFEIT)
  • The Child and adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

For pupils who require more support than schools and colleges can provide at SEN Support may have a Statement of SEN or a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) or an EHC Plan -click here for more information. All statements and LDAs will be transferred to EHC plans over the next few years – please see here for details of Southend’s conversion plan. 

What is SEN Support?

SEN support used to be called Early Years/School Action and Early Years Action Plus/School Action Plus.

In schools and early years settings:

If the teacher thinks a child needs something more than the other children in the class they will talk to the parent and to the school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who may suggest other things the teacher can do. The SENCO may consider that the child has a learning difficulty or disability.

If this is the case the SENCO will assess the child needs and plan the support that is needed to meet those needs. The support given will be discussed with the parent and described in an Individual Support Plan (ISP). You should let the SENCO know if any other professionals are involved in supporting your child as this can also be included on the ISP. The support will be put it in place and then the effectiveness of the extra support will be reviewed with the parent and the child ideally every term (or less for younger children). This is known as Assess, Plan, Do and Review.

The support needed may be extra staffing, different learning materials or special equipment. The school, pre-school or nursery will put together an ISP to help meet the needs of your child. The plan should focus on only what is additional or different from the rest of the curriculum and it should have 3 or 4 clear targets linked to the desired outcomes for the child. You may wish to ask at this stage:

  • What help is being given, who will be giving it and what is it for? 
  • What targets should your child reach? 
  • When will the targets be checked? This is called a Review. The plan should be reviewed each term 
  • How can you help? Don’t forget to give your views and information and the views of your child. This information should be included on the ISP.

Usually, with a modified programme of work and/or extra help from the class teacher, a Teaching Assistant or a Learning Mentor the child is able to make the appropriate progress. If following the review the child has not made progress, the SENCO may ask for advice from specialists, such as educational psychologists or other specialists from outside the school. They will assess the child's difficulties and learning preferences and their recommendations will help the school draw up a new ISP and the assess Plan, Do and Review cycle starts again.

If your child begins to make sufficient progress they may be removed from SEN Support. If a child continues to have difficulties and make little or no progress the parents, school and early years settings can request that the local authority conducts an EHC needs assessment.

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