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Hearing Impairment (HI) Outreach Service based at Kingsdown Special School - Service Commissioned by Southend LA

What do we do?:

  • support children from birth and in schools who are deaf or have a hearing impairment as identified through audiological testing. The majority of children have a sensori-neural hearing loss but some children who have a conductive loss and have been given hearing aids are also supported
  • support pre-school children and their families in the home, from diagnosis, and their development is monitored/assessed using the Monitoring Protocol for Deaf Babies and Children
  • where appropriate signing support is given for pre-school children and their parents within the home
  • Run a fortnightly HIcups pre-school support group for children with HI
  • deaf awareness training is available for schools

How can my / a child access this?:

Children access this service via a ‘case load’ identified in partnership with Health Services. If a SENCO or school identifies a child that may meet the criteria for this service then a standard referral form must be completed which will provide information about each child. This should be sent directly to the HI specialist teacher.

Who to contact?:

The SENCO at your child’s school.

What is the referral process?:

Referrals are made by audiologists and  paediatricians, directly to the Specialist Teacher. Schools are also able to request support from the Specialist Teachers, with parental consent.

Where does the service operate from?

Kingsdown School, Snakes Lane, Southend on Sea, SS2 6XT

Phone: 01702 527486

Contact: The specialist teachers for the HI service (N Beange/K Lewis).

Phone: 01702 507617. Email:

Team: A Specialist Teacher who holds a Teacher of the Deaf qualification. An early Years Signing Instructor/Family Support Worker (S Payne). Phone number(s) as above

Who is responsible for the Service:

SEN Service Manager (O Shallis). Phone: 01702 215000