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A personal budget is an amount of money or resources available in order to deliver the outcomes set out in an Education, Health and Care plan. The money will come from the funding agreed by education, health or social care to meet the child or young person’s desired outcomes. For any of these services to deliver a personal budget the eligibility criteria for each service will need to be agreed.

The total personal budget should be made clear to parent carers so they can be involved in all decision making in order to choose the right provision to best meet the outcomes identified in the child or young person’s care plan.

Personal budgets can be made up in the following different ways:

  • Direct payment- Parent carers are given the money to buy and manage the services themselves to meet the outcomes identified in the child’s EHC plan.
  • An organisational arrangement - Parent carers find out how much money is available and with support identify the different ways to spend that money meeting the outcomes of the child’s EHC plan. The services are then arranged on the family’s behalf by the local authority, health service or a third party.
  • A combination of the above

As part of the funding identified through the assessment process, some parents/ carers may want to use a reasonable amount of their available resources to help meet the outcomes identified in their child’s care plan.

Currently only services that are already available to parents as a direct payment or personal budget will be included on an EHC plan. What is available for each service is listed below:

  • Education: pupils who qualify for home to school transport have the option of receiving this support as a mileage allowance so their parent can take them to and from school.
  • Health: those who qualify for Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding have the option of using this support as a personal budget.
  • Social Care: anyone who qualifies for social care assistance through the short breaks programme; children who receive a care package from the Children with Disabilities Team; young people who are supported by Adult social care.

The amount of services that are available will increase over time and but the scope for further services to be included is being developed by the local authority and health service. Please note that the scope for an education person budget depends on school type and for pupils in special schools will be more limited than those in mainstream.