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KMAC - Kings Money Advice Centre

We offer free, face-to-face debt advice to those in need within the Blenheim and Eastwood and Prince Avenue Primary Schools and their Children’s Centre’s catchment (or reach).

All our recent clients come from referrals from these three venues, or Early Help, Family Support & Youth Offending Service, Peabody etc who have clients in these areas.

  • We aim to help those who have found themselves in debt and unable to see a way forward.
  • We help prepare budget plans and debt repayment plans.
  • We negotiate directly with clients creditors.
  • We aim to relieve our clients of the pressure and stress of debt, and support them throughout the repayment period.
  • KMAC is a confidential service, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We operate a "by appointment only" service on Mondays 10:00 to 17:00 Please call for more information and to book an appointment.


Who to contact

Gavin Dixon
01702 522197
Venue Facilities
Accessible Parking
Free parking

Where to go

Name of venue
St Stephens Church
Venue address
90 Alton Gardens
Additional Notes

We had to move. Sorry for any inconvenience due to our relocation. The facility we now have does not have specialised facilities for disabled use.  Doors are not normal width and there is a step.

Appointments can be made for meetings at any of the 3 Childrens Centres if access and toilet needs are better met.

When is it on?

Date & Time Information
Appointments are on Mondays between 10:00am & 17:00pm Not open on Bank Holidays. There is a 24 hour telephone answering facility. Please ring and leave a message.  If you contact us by email then these are accessed throughout the week.  Appointments can be made for meetings at any of the 3 Childrens Centres if access and toilet needs are better met.
Session Information
It is more helpful if it can be arranged for young children to be looked after elsewhere so we can focus on the needs of the adults.
Bring all your paperwork, letters, debt company demands, gas, electricity and water bills, Council Tax bills etc

Other details

KMAC is a free community service to our clients.
Referral required?
Referral and availability notes

Not always -  but mainly via either Family Action at Blenheim or Eastwood or Prince Avenue Childrens Centre, Streets Ahead, Peabody etc who have clients  living in the three catchment areas.

Age Range

We generally cover the areas within the Blenheim and Eastwood and Prince Avenue Primary Schools & Children Ctr catchments. Where we can, we help people sort things out for themselves. Occasionally, just a phone call is necessary.

We appreciate that being in debt is embarrassing, an emotional burden and can be very distressing. We are here to help - both to sort out the debt issues and to try and support our clients in whatever way is needed. We aim to take the pressure off and to provide a safe and caring service to get our clients into a better place.

Age Range
From 18 years To 99 years

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Address: 90  Alton Gardens  Southend-on-Sea  Essex 

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