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Kadijatu Saccoh (Kay's Childminding)- Childminder

I am reliable, hard-working, easy to talk to and also always willing to adapt to each child and parent’s needs. There will be various outings such as going to local parks, seafronts and other play groups. I will be providing homemade meals, but if parents wish to provide own meals, they are more than welcome. I shall be doing after school pickups; I also provide drop offs to schools (please call to discuss).

I have a garden, which includes toys for different ages and a playroom. I speak Krio (Sierra Leone) I work from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday including school holidays. I will be available for short term contracts and at short notice; please call for more details. I will also consider unsociable hours (before 7am and after 7pm).

Who to contact

07455 311619

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When is it on?

Date & Time Information
Please call to find out more
When is the service available

All Year,Unsociable Hours,Term Time,School Holidays,Full Time,Contact Service Direct

Other details

£4.50 per child per hour sibling discount available - please ask.
Age Range
From 0 years 2 months To 11 years 11 months
Vacancy Details
I currently have vacancies.


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Re-inspection (Early Years Register)
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