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Autism Links

Austism Links is an autism information website. It contains links to other sites so you can find out who to talk to, where to go and lots of helpful advice about autism all in one place.

There are many excellent websites which provide information about Autism. These include those of the NAS, the NHS, the BBC and others. Links to these are given within our pages.

We are not in a position at autismlinks to provide either a comprehensive resource, or one that is necessarily fully up-to-the-minute. We hope, however, that the information and links that we provide may be useful. This hope comes in considerable part from the fact, that the topic areas we cover are those kindly suggested to us by people who use services, their families and carers, as to the sorts of things that would be helpful to them, in terms of links to useful resources. If we fail to be sufficiently helpful, this is down to us of course!

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