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School Nursing Service (Southend-on-Sea)

School nursing services are delivered in all state schools within Southend and in an expanding number of Children Centres. School Nurses are the lead public health professional for school aged children, taking over from the Health Visitor on the child’s fifth birthday. School Nurses work in partnership with families and other professionals to promote the health of all children and to support children with health needs in the school environment. This includes care planning with schools and parent’s to ensure the needs of children with diagnosed conditions are met. Care packages and services are also offered for other health needs such as weight management, bed wetting, hearing and vision assessments.

For young people, School Nurses are a source of advice and support for a range of health issues including emotional health, sexual health and smoking cessation. School nurses work in partnership with other health professionals to achieve positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

A referral can be made via a School Nurse referral form which is available in schools or through the Early Help Family Support Assessment (EHFSA). School nursing will also accept telephone referrals. Referrals can be made by other professionals and parents. All secondary schools have been offered a drop in service where young people can easily and directly access their school nurse. Main service delivery is from School’s and year-round from Valkyrie Road Primary Care Centre; they can be contacted on 01702 534843. School Nurses will also visit families at home if indicated.

PLEASE NOTE: school nurses no longer offer immunizations for school-age children; there is now a seperate team providing this service and they are based at Valkyrie Road Primary Care Centre. Please contact the Immunization Team on 01702 220181.

Who to contact

01702 534843

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School Nursing, Department of Public Health
Venue address
Civic Centre Victoria Avenue

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Please call during office hours.

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Age Range
5-16 year olds
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Address: Civic Centre  Victoria Avenue  Southend-on-sea  Essex 

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