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Meadowview Care LTD

Meadowview Care Ltd is a family owned service provider whose aim is to develop bespoke services for adults with Learning Disabilities and highly complex needs, including those with a dual diagnosis, mental health problems, personality disorders and autistic spectrum conditions.  All of our services have been specifically designed to provide small group or single person environments, replicating an ordinary living setting. Most of our services accommodate people in small shared homes which have an individual bedroom for each person and shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. These allow for the development of daily living skills aimed at a move towards more independent living.Our services are tailored to respond to the needs of individuals who live within our homes. We create environments that are safe, caring and homely, where individuals enjoy meaningful and worthwhile activities. Our main goal is to encourage individuals to make choices, pursue their wishes and achieve personal goals whilst encouraging independence and engagement within the community.

We are aware that having a disability comes with its own stigma, restrictions and prejudice from society, our aim is to safely integrate individuals into the community to experience and become part of society at the same time enabling individuals with a disability to get on with their lives.
Our focus is to provide a normal life style, where each person is able to enjoy choice, freedom, self-determination and an environment that is beneficial to continuous progress towards independence.

We are responsive to service users’ changing needs, by being able to offer different service designs/ care packages reflecting individual funding.

Our ethos is built upon a shared belief that the person is central to everything we do.

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Ayshea Hutchison
Service Manager
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Meadowview Care LTD
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8 The Centre, High Street
Additional Notes

Priory House , located in Halstead, Essex and is within walking distance from the high street . Priory House is registered to accommodate a maximum of 3 service users. Our staff, endeavour to create an environment that is safe, stable and culturally sensitive within which service users can feel secure and where their physical and emotional well-being will be promoted. This includes advice, guidance and support in coming to terms with past difficulties and preparing for the future

The Tidings,Brewery House, Bethany House . All are registered to accommodate a maximum of 2 service users. Also situated in Halstead, Rural Essex. The home offers specious, warm and homely facilities. The staff in the home endeavour to create an environment that is safe, stable and culturally sensitive within which service users can feel secure and where their physical and emotional well-being will be promoted. This will include advice, guidance and support in coming to terms with past difficulties and preparing for the future. All 4 of these homes are a 5 minute walk from Halstead town centre which offers the usual amenities including a library, banks, doctors, hairdressers, a gym and sports centre.  We have an open door policy for relatives and would make them most welcome. We wish to stress the importance of family contact.  Our Homes provide specialist, bespoke services for individuals who have Asperger’s Syndrome and Acquired Brain Injury. Asperger’s syndrome, is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. People with Asperger syndrome see, hear and feel the world differently to other people.

We have carefully selected Aveley House, which is situated in the beautiful countryside of Essex. This home is a 5 minute drive from Lakeside shopping Centre and leisure facilities with access to good road and rail links (A13, M25 and A127)

This impressive, magnificent home offers seven bedrooms for 7 adults with Learning Disabilities, complex needs and challenging behaviours. The home is set in a quiet cul-de-sac location yet within easy access to A13, M25 and A127. This extremely well presented home has been put together in an excellent order throughout. The grounds are approximately one third of an acre, with a mature garden which is predominantly un-overlooked. The home endeavours to create an environment that is safe, stable and culturally sensitive within which service users can feel secure and where their physical and emotional well-being will be promoted. The spacious surroundings offer warmth and a homely environment

Some of our service users have come from children services. When a young person with a learning disability is potentially moving into one of our residential care homes, we manage the transition in a way that best suits the individual. This may be by introducing them gradually with day visits and then overnight stays, or it may be better for them just to move in. We work closely with their current placements, schools, health practitioners, families and friends to ensure a holist approach is implemented and achieved.

Our staff team together with other professionals are responsive to service users changing needs, and are able to offer different service designs with their associated different funding streams. We use person-centred thinking tools in support planning to ensure support is personalised, outcomes-focussed and flexible


We currently provide 2 separate Single Services, Allens Mead In Grays & Bethal House In halstead Essex

Allensmead, is situated in Grays. Essex. The home is a 10 minute bus ride from the town centre, where you can easily access all amenities. Allensmead is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Blackshots Leisure centre.

The environment at Allensmead is a unique element of the service, which operates as a single service. The home setting provides gender specific accommodation/staffing which allow the rehabilitation programme to be delivered in a domestic environment which replicates community living more closely. The location delivers a more relaxed local environment than a busy inner-city setting to enable the service user to engage in their therapeutic programme


Bethel Place was commissioned to operate as a single service to meet the needs of the service user.  The location delivers a more relaxed local environment than a busy inner-city setting to enable the service user to engage in their therapeutic programme.

 Bethel Place offers personalised care and support planning. We ensure that the service user, along with their family and/or carer, work together with care practitioners to discuss:


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18-65 - Transition can start from 17 years 6 month

A warm, safe and supportive environment:

All our Homes offer excellent facilities and a safe and secure environment for service users. Services and facilities at all our residential care homes include:

  • Pre-admission assessment to determine individual needs
  • Specialist, expert care and therapies for a range of complex conditions
  • Individual care programmes with key workers assigned to each individual
  • Meaningful activities
  • 24 hour cover, including waking night staff
  • An adaptable and flexible approach
  • Choice of freshly prepared, nutritional meals
  • Community integration programmes
  • Skills & Development centre
  • Access to external health care services as needed, including GP’s, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychiatrists, Chiropodists, Behaviour Therapists, Dental and Nursing services.
  • Access to local places of worship, leisure/shopping facilities and good transport links.

Staff Training

Staff within our Homes will be expected to undertake training (minimum qualification of NVQ level 2 or Health and Social Care level 2. It is intended that all staff progress their training as they and the company wish, and in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 requirements relating to workers.

The Homes will not employ people who do not wish to undertake training as the company view training as a vital issue and paramount to the quality of the service provided.


Meadowview Care Ltd operate a key-worker system. Each service user will have at least one named key-worker who is responsible for ensuring that the service user’s needs are addressed and views are represented. The key-worker(s) also have more of a general administrative role ensuring that there is regular liaison between the home and family/carers, education, social workers, GP and other professionals as appropriate. Weekly key-worker sessions are held in our homes. As part of our on-going quality assurance, residents’ meetings are held approximately 6 weekly.



All service users will be registered with their local GP, Chiropodist, Dentist, Optician, Speech Therapist etc. to ensure prompt meeting of medical needs. Medicals will be arranged within 3 weeks of being booked by Meadowview Care Ltd and thereafter take place annually.

Meadowview Care Ltd will provide in conjunction with all parties, general information and advice on hygiene and healthcare where appropriate.

Great effort is made to accommodate individual dietary needs arising from medical needs, culture person/religious beliefs and own preferences. Healthy eating habits will be encouraged. Service users are encouraged to support in making their own food if they so wish.

Medicines are booked/provided by Boots Chemists and kept in a locked cupboard within the home. Self-medication will be encouraged only with the service users who show the ability to meet the requirements necessary to self-administer safely and effectively. The manager of each home is responsible for the storage and administration of all medicines and this will be done with guidance from the GP and pharmacy.

All medication administered by staff will be recorded including:

  • Date
  • Name of medication
  • Reason for use
  • Signature of staff dispensing
  • Whether it is prescribed medicine
  • When, where and how disposed of

Religious Beliefs

The welfare of service users is paramount, and where there is no conflict, service users beliefs will be respected. Facilities will be made available to allow service users to continue to practice their beliefs while being cared for by Meadowview Care Ltd staff  and support will be given to them to attend the nearest place of worship should they choose to


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