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Life changing support

By VIKKI on 13/08/2018

I really feel at a loss for words attempting to explain just how eternally grateful I am to Trudi Carey. Trudi changed our lives and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would not have been successful with our case without her help.

From day one Trudi was very open and honest about her role and the fact that she offers impartial advise and support. I was very angry at the position my son was in and Trudi whilst empathetic with our situation was always profressional and factual about where we were and the steps we could take from there. The fact she had so much knowledge and broke everything down to a level I could understand, really helped.

I felt overwhelmed so many times during the appeal process and again Trudi would really break things down for me and never once rushed to get off the phone or make me feel belittled. She was a real shining light in a time when things were helpless.

Trudi Carey helped change our lives for the better and is irreplaceable to the families of Southend.  I have said on very many occasions... whatever they are paying her.. It isn't enough. 

This is one service Southend can actually be proud of.

Thank you for everything.

Vikki and Tyler 

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