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Southend Showcase Magazine

Southend Showcase  is a free community magazine. Our mission is to highlight the strange and beautiful people of Southend, regardless of age or ability.

Lauching in April 2017, our magazine is digital-first, but will have a small print-run for colleges, schools and community locations.

Open to schools, colleges, community groups, charities, and individuals of any age or ability, Showcase is for everyone!

Got a topic? Share it with us and join the voices of Southend!

Write 500 words on any topic you're passionate about and pop it along to us at

Bada-bing - you're one of our writers!

More of an artist or poet than a writer of gripping articles? No matter! We want to hear from you too. If you've got a skill to share with your community, then you belong in Showcase.

Who to contact

Ashleigh Condon

Where to go

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Southend on Sea

Other details

£0.00 Free to contribute, free to receive!
Referral required?
Age Range
3 - 110 years.

Showcase is totally free to buy and to contribute to. Contributors are unpaid and join Showcase purely for the love, where they will be hailed throughout Southend as the great poets, writers and artists of our age.

Exaggeration is also free of charge.

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