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You can find out how your feedback has shaped the Local Offer in the Local Offer Annual Report which is published every October.  click here

Eastern Region Peer Review - An Eastern Region Peer Review of the Local Offer took place on the 5th December 2016.  Staff from the Local Authority and Southend Family Voice took part in this process the outcome was positive any gaps identified are now being addressed.  

Special Educational Needs Local Area Peer Review held on the 12th and 13th July 2017

Comments and Feedback from Parents

How can you contribute to the development of the Local Offer?

We have a duty to seek views on our Local Offer but more importantly we want to make sure that the services and information we provide reflect the needs of parents, carers and young people.

We want to know what works well and what doesn't and how easy you can navigate the pages of our Local Offer. Let us know so we can make it better for you.  We will ensure that comments received about the Local Offer are made anonymous and published in a 'You Said, We Did'  feedback form. click here

We would welcome comments on:

  • The quality of provision  
  • Any gaps in service provision
  • The accessibility of information in the Local Offer
  • Any information you would like to see included
  • How the Local Offer is being developed or reviewed 
Please let us know if you have any suggestions that will help us to improve your experience when using the Local Offer by sending an email to: or telephone Julie Davis on 01702 215089 or contact our Parent Carer Forum Southend Family Voice on: 
A Learning Disabilities Partnership Workshop was held on the 28th September 2016 to see the comments and feedback following this workshop - click here
We are collecting feedback for 2016-2017. To view comments already received; click here
2015/2016 -  You Said, We did Comments and  feedback click here