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Families with disabled children may need help from time to time. As a parent/carer, you have the right to ask for your child’s needs to be assessed and you also have the right to ask for a carer’s assessment for yourself, or your other children as young carers. An assessment could lead to services for your disabled child being provided or services to help you as their carer.

If you are concerned about a child

If you are worried about a child, whether they are disabled or not, and believe that they are in immediate danger, then report this to the police on 999.

If you are worried about the safety of a child and believe that they be at risk from harm and in need of protection, then please contact the First Contact Team - click here

Parents and carers can also access some support and help directly through the community and voluntary services. To find out what is available, please browse the SHIP directory.

An assessment may be carried out as part of a self assessment, a carers assessment, a Disabled Person’s Assessment (DPA), Early Help Assessment (EHA), or a Single Social Work Assessment (SSWA)

Early Help Assessment

This is completed by the Lead Professional. This is usually a member of staff at your child’s school or Early Years provider. If the assessment recommends that you, your disabled child or siblings require extra support, (such as short breaks and/or direct payments) the EHA will be considered by the Resource Allocation Panel (RAP)

Child in Need Assessment

Most specialist services for disabled children have eligibility criteria and are not available to everyone. Click to view the eligibility criteria for Children with Disabilities Team (CWD).

If you are eligible, the CWD social worker will carry out a single social work assessment which must be completed within 40 working days.

This does not necessarily mean that you will continue to receive direct services from the CWD Team once the assessment is completed. With your consent, they may refer your child to the Children and Family Panel for support by a Team Around The Child and Family (TACAF) and identify a lead professional to coordinate a child in need plan. They may also refer to the RAP for consideration of direct payments and other support, such as short breaks. You may have the option of a personal budget, but you can choose not to manage this if you prefer the services to be provided or commissioned for you.

Disabled Persons Assessment

For each child with high and complex needs that requires on-going support from the Children with Disabilities Team will, from the age of 14yrs be assessed using a Disabled Person’s Assessment. This is a transition Assessment which will be reviewed every six months until the young person’s 18th birthday when they will transition to the relevant Adult service.

On or around the young person’s 17th birthday the CWDT will liaise with Adult services and begin planning for the support that will be required in Adult life. There will be joint working between both teams and the young person will be included in that planning as their wishes and feelings will be key to informing planning.

Where a young person over the age of 16yrs is not able to make informed choices or communicate their wishes and feelings through cognitive impairment, the CWDT will engage the services of an Independent Advocate to ensure that the best interests of the young person are maintained. This will include considerations under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which provides a framework for working with vulnerable people over the age of 16yrs.

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