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Step by Step Guide

Find your way around the SHIP categories

Advice and Advocacy

This is the place to look if you want to find an advocate: someone to speak on your behalf to help sort out a problem. You can also find help lines and advice on many other subjects. Such as:

  • Advice about living a healthier lifestyle - physically and mentally
  • Advice with specific health conditions
  • Bereavement support
  • Confidential support with difficult problems
  • Counselling and therapeutic advice
  • Emergency advice if you feel you are in a crisis, or worried about someone that is
  • Help for anyone affected by domestic violence, adult abuse, hate crime or any other time of crime
  • Money advice
  • Information about how to complain about various services
  • Information about health, social care and other services to support independence; and how to access them

Support at home

This category lists organisations that help people to continue to enjoy independence in their own home. Browse in here for:

  • Adaptations, aids and equipment to make life easier
  • Befrienders and people that can visit to keep you company
  • Cleaners, and people to help with ironing or odd jobs
  • Dog walkers and pet sitters
  • Gardeners
  • Home care providers
  • Home security and help to keep safe
  • Launderettes that deliver
  • Meal and shopping deliverers
  • Support organisations that help with daily living skills; including specialist training
  • Visiting services, such as hairdressers
  • And other organisations that offer support in your own home

Health matters

Here you will find information about staying healthy, fit and well - physically, mentally and emotionally. You will find:

  • Chiropodists, podiatrists and foot health practitioners - including toe-nail cutting
  • Counselling services, therapy and emotional support
  • Dentists
  • Fitness classes and sporting clubs
  • GP surgeries, health centres and specialist health care (such as breast screening)
  • Healthy lifestyle support; eg stopping smoking, diet help and support with alcohol , drugs or gambling
  • Nursing care
  • Opticians and Optometrists
  • Organisations and clubs that promote wellbeing
  • Pharmacists, and supermarkets that have chemists
  • Social groups and peer support
  • Support groups and advice for specific health problems and conditions

Staying safe

When you live independently, it's important to feel safe and happy in your home, and in your relationships.

Here you will find organisations that can give you practical help, such as Careline - who provide alarm pendants, and Handyvan - who can fit locks in your home.

If you have experienced abuse or crime, or are concerned about someone at risk of abuse, there are people you can talk to. There are also support groups for families, for people at risk of homelessness and organisations that can help those fleeing domestic violence.

Community safety organisations are also listed; such as your local Neighbourhood Watch and your local Neighbourhood Police. Additional information includes advice about staying safe when out and about - such as safe beaches.

Getting around

To enjoy life to the full, you probably want to get out and about! This category includes people that can give you lifts to your appointments and organisations that provide mobility equipment.

You can also find out about getting into cycling and about groups that offer outings.

Things to do

There are a wide range of groups, clubs and organisations listed here. Anything and everything that you might enjoy doing at home, at a venue or in the great outdoors!

Find something interesting to do with like minded people. Groups include such diverse hobbies as flower arranging, photography, dancing, singing, cactus growing, lunch clubs, sports and fitness, computer classes, painting, croquet, social clubs, horse riding, rambling, UFO sighting, remote control aeroplane flying and much much more!

In here you will also find faith groups, cultural groups, and specialist social groups for men, for women and for older people.

Working & Volunteering

Getting into work, or volunteering can be very fulfilling and empowering. It can also help to build social networks - and give you more money to be independent with!

In this category, you will find education centres and colleges, organisations that offer training to help you get into employment, places to get employment advice, and organisations that are looking for volunteers.


Carers are people that spend a lot of their time looking after someone else; but are not paid for doing so.

All carers need some support and time off from time to time. In this category, you will find organisations that can offer advice and counselling, carers' support and campaign groups, and organisations that can help you have a break.

Advice lines and groups for specific health problems and conditions - that you might be providing care support for - are also included.

A place to live

This category gives you information about where you can live, as well as support for those at risk of homelessness. Here you will find:

  • Residential care and nursing homes
  • Supported housing options; which includes helping to prepare people for independent living
  • Help with homelessness
  • Sheltered housing and warden controlled schemes