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End of life care & bereavement support

If you are suffering from, or watching a loved one going through, a terminal health condition or illness, there is support available to help end life with dignity.  Whether you need specialist nursing services to help someone remain at home for their last days, or you want to move into a hospice or other health service, the links on this page may help you to find the service you need.  We have also listed some support groups which may improve understanding of a health condition or its effects.   It's often just as difficult for those left behind.  We have therefore listed some counselling and other services which may help people to come to terms with a bereavement. There is often a considerable amount of administration and planning asociated with such a loss, and we hope that some of the information below will help you through what can be a minefield of paper-work at a difficult time.   For a complete list of appropriate services and information pages contained on this website, please return to the home page and perform a search for the content you need.