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Groceries & shopping

For many people, shopping for groceries is difficult: a busy life, caring responsibilities or a disability can all contribute to making a visit to the supermarket difficult. If however you have a disability, all stores have a legal responsibility to make provision to enable you to use their facilities. Therefore it's worth approaching the supermarket you're likely to use, or any shops you need to visit regularly to agree with them what help you can expect when you get to the store. Most supermarkets will accompany you round the store and help you to do your week's shopping, and some department stores will offer a personal shopper service to disabled people.   The simplest solution for grocery shopping if you are unable to get to the store yourself is to order on the internet, and many of the major supermarket chains deliver shopping in the Southend area.  In most cases you have to order your shopping online, however some supermarkets offer a telephone ordering service. In addition, some smaller independent grocery stores offer a delivery service locally, though products in these stores are likely to be more expensive, and the variety of produce available more limited. You may also have to go to the store first either to pick your order, or at least to give them your shopping list.  This is not always the case however, so it's worth asking if you can email your shopping list to them.   In certain circumstances, if you are unable to go shopping due to disability, you may choose to use a PA.  In this case you may be able to get help from Southend's Care and Support Service to fund the PA, and/or to arrange this help.  For a complete list of appropriate services and information pages contained on this website, please return to the home page and perform a search for the content you need.