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Befriending, library services & pastimes

Befriending services provide company and support to vulnerable people who for whatever reason find it difficult to get out and about.  They are very important in combating the isolation which many older and disabled people face.    Usually volunteers visit clients in their own homes to talk to them, or maybe help them to take part in a leisure activity.  Details of some of the befriending and similar services in the Southend area are below.  It is important when considering whether a befriending service is right for you, to remember that befrienders do not provide care, they would not normally give formal advice, or provide assistance, except in case of an emergency.   Southend–on-Sea Council provide a range of library services to help people to enjoy books and reading.  These include reading groups, online services, mobile libraries and services for visually impaired and other disabled people. More information can be found below or on the Council website.   There are a huge number of groups in the area for people wishing to follow a wide variety of different pastimes.  It's not possible to include them all below, so we recommend that you search for groups covering the activity in which you're interested.  For a complete list of appropriate services and information pages contained on this website, please return to the home page and perform a search for the content you need.