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Money Matters - Age UK

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Finance is complex, and an area that many of us find hard to manage, and to understand. Age UK have a range of easy to understand information, on everything from Equity Release to Social Security benefits. Whether you're planning to set up a trust, you want to find out about moving into residential care, or you just want to make sure that everything goes smoothly at the end, there is information here to help.

Life circumstances sometimes mean that we get into debt. There is information here to help you to maximise the income you do have, and to deal with any debts effectively.

Before taking certain long-term financial decisions, you may find it useful - and it's often advisable - to contact an Independent Financial Advisor. These individuals and companies are regulated. There is information here to help you to find a reputable advisor.  You could also contact SOLLA

For more details, including local services, plese look at the rest of the information in this "Money Matters" category. 

Below are some links to additional Age Uk Factsheets:

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FS7: Making a Will

FS10: Paying for permanent residential care

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FS14: Dealing with an estate

FS15: Income Tax

FS17: Housing Benefit

FS19: State Pension

FS20: NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care

FS21: Council Tax

FS24: Personal budgets and direct payments in adult social care

FS25: Returning from abroad

FS27: Planning for a funeral

FS34: Attendance Allowance

FS38: Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision

FS39: Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner

FS40: Deprivation of assets in the means test for care home provision

FS43: Getting legal advice

FS46: Paying for care and support at home

FS48: Pension Credit

FS49: The Social Fund, Advances of Benefit and Local Welfare Provision

FS55: Carer's Allowance

FS56: Benefits for people under Pension Credit age

FS58: Paying for temporary care in a care home

FS61: Help with health costs

FS74: Challenging welfare benefit decisions

FS75: Debt advice

FS79: The Equality Act 2010: The Public Sector Equality Duty

FS82: Switching energy supplier

FS87: Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance

FS90: Introduction to the Care Act 2014