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As we get older, many of us start to face difficulties during our typical day-to-day routine at home. This could be anything from cleaning, doing the shopping, taking our medications, to more complex tasks like taking a bath or navigating the stairs. There are a range of services and equipment available to help you retain your independence at home in safety and comfort.

In this section, you will find information about home aids and adaptations that can be implemented to take the stress out of daily living. Help can come in many forms, and it’s the job of the council to assess what specific help is needed. Below, you will find details of how to get a Care & Support Assessment. You will also find additional information and guidance about all manner of care-related concerns, from hospital discharges, to home adaptations and paying for care.

Click the links below to find more about the alternative ways of managing the support you need to keep you in control.

For more details, including local services, please look at the wealth of information in our "Support at Home" category. 


Age UK Factsheets

FS1: Help with heating costs

FS6: Finding help at home

FS24: Personal budgets and direct payments in adult social care

FS34: Attendance Allowance

FS37: Hospital discharge arrangements

FS41: Social care assessment, eligibility and care planning

FS42: Disability equipment and home adaptations

FS46: Paying for care and support at home

FS59: How to resolve problems and make a complaint about social care

FS69: Water advice

FS76: Intermediate care and reablement

FS82: Switching energy supplier

FS90: Introduction to the Care Act 2014