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Health Matters

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Welcome to our information on health and health-related matters. We have packed this category full of details of local health-related services and details of Dentists and GPs near you. We have also included useful information on a range of health-related subjects, which may help you to understand your situation better and manage your condition more effectively.

In this category, you will find information about staying welll, both mentally and physiucally. We have included content from NHS Choices, details of local services, fitness clubs and many social and support groups.

If you are worried about your physical or mental health, or need help with a specific condition, always talk to your GP in the first instance. Your GP can refer you to specialist services if necessary. Alternatively, you can call the NHS non-emergency enquiry number, 111. 

We have included information about mental health issues, whether you are trying to live with a mental illness or helping someone else to do so. We've also provided information about some of the more common mental health conditions, and where to find support locally.

We have developed a Living Well page, which includes information on Exercise, Nutrition and Stop Smoking campaigns. We have included information about NHS Healthchecks.  If you have developed a long-term condition, you will find information about some of the most common ones here.  We have also included details of acute conditions, which are serious, though not long-term.

Information and support around Substant Misuse can be found by clicking the link provided.

We have a whole range of information for all members of the community, including Older adults. If therer is a resource that fits you, you'll find it here.

Useful Information

  • Care and Support has Changed for the Better

    Care and Support has Changed for the Better! The Care Act, which came into effect in April 2015, is one of the biggest changes to Adult Social Care for over 60 years. This single modern law puts wellbeing at the heart of care and support services and focuses on…

  • Health Matters - Age UK

    It is important for all of us to try to live as healthy a life as possible - this is increasingly the case as we get older.  Age UK produce a range of information guides which give practical help and advice on issues, including keeping warm, prevention…

  • Staying Fit into Old Age

    Physical activity, exercise and eating a healthy, nutritious diet will help you to stay healthy and keep your independence as you get older. There are lots of ways to keep fit, regardless of your level of ability, accessibility needs, or whether you have any particular…

  • Southend AdVantage Card

    If you live in Southend, and you are an unpaid carer, then you are entitled to a free AdVantage card!  This offers:  Reduced prices for a range of activities such as swimming, golf, outdoor bowls and concerts Access to special promotions and additional discounts for…

  • Where Can I Get Sexual Health Advice, Now?

    Forgotten your pill or had unprotected sex? Maybe you're worried about something? Here's what to do and where to go if you need help urgently. Click on the links listed here to go directly to the answer: Could I have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? …