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Staying Safe

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Staying Safe

Whether you live independently or receive support, it’s important to feel safe and happy at home, and in your relationships.  

Information regarding the Safeguarding Adults Board can be found here.

Here you will find organisations that can give you practical help, such as Careline – who provide alarm pendants, and Handyvan – who can fit locks in your home. You will also find information to assist at times when you may require some additional support if you have concerns about a relationship or it becomes challenging or breaks down. 

If you have experienced abuse or crime, or are concerned about someone at risk of abuse, there are people you can talk to. 

To raise concerns for yourself or someone you know, you can contact the Council’s Access Team on  or Tel: 01702 215008 during office hours.   

In an emergency, call 999. 

Alternatively, you can call Ask SAL on 08452 66 66 63 for anything from information and advice about safeguarding adults across Essex; to the disclosure of a specific concern about your own safety or that of somebody that you know. If you report the abuse of an adult in Southend we will take your concern seriously and ensure that the situation is investigated appropriately.

If you would like to receive the Ask SAL number in a text message, text ASKSAL to 60777.  The ASK SAL advice line is available Monday - Friday during office hours.

Useful Information


    You can call Ask SAL for anything. The AskSAL helpline has been in existence since June 2009 and continues to provide advice to anybody that is concerned about the vulnerability of an adult that they know. Callers to the helpline can seek anything from straightforward information or…

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